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Internationaler offener Wettbewerb für den Neubau eines Besucherzentrums am UNESCO-Weltnaturerbe Giants Causeway in Nordirland


Entwurf für ein Gebäude mit Ausstellung, Shop, Restaurant, Picknickarea und Parkdecks
Kooperation mit Arch. Ernst Steiner

Consider planet earth as a permanent construction site – continents are floating like crusts on top of a ball of liquid stone – emerging and submerging in a never ending circle – from time to time fountains of liquid stone burst through - forming oceans of lava which freeze to columns – overgrown by lush vegetation – and then worn away again by the rousing waters of the sea.

Giant's Causeway Schaubilder
Giant's Causeway Schaubilder
Giant's Causeway Innenperspektive
Giant's Causeway Lageplan
Giant's Causeway Schnitte
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